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hi, my name is hrekkjavaka astarkort & i like to make things! =^.^=
i make kitsch & unique jewellery which i sell on ebay.
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Here's just a little of what i have made so far!
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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

And the story goes ..

New items up on Ebay

New up! - Tarina Tarantino inspired bead bracelets, totally hand-made by me, featuring cute Hello Kitty & My Melody charms! Kitschy diy Diamond Necklace, Storm Cloud Necklaces, Huge Goth Bat Necklace, Thunder Bolt Necklace, Goth Bat & Cute Bat Bracelets!


Check 'em out!


Coming soon! - Retro & Vintage Giant Octopus Necklaces, Swallow Tattoo Bird Necklaces & I Love Paris Necklaces! Vintage and Vintage styled jewllery!

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And the story goes ..

Treacherous Kitten
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